How Jimi Fleet Optimization Solution Help Reduce Fuel Consumption?

How Jimi Fleet Optimization Solution Help Reduce Fuel Consumption?


The operating cost of fleet management is high. Reducing unnecessary fuel consumption is one of the most urgent tasks for fleet managers. In order to make our customers more competitive, Jimi launches a fleet optimization solution accordingly.

Through truck idling management, Jimi fleet optimization solution can help reduce fuel consumption.
According to statistics, truck idling will waste 0.925 gallons of gasoline per hour averagely. For a fleet with 10 cars, if the driver does not turn off the engine when stopping every day, and each vehicle idles for more than 30 minutes, then it would add the fuel consumption of 138.69 gallons, which is equivalent to the fuel cost of USD 2614.10 per month. (Assume that the price of gasoline per gallon is $18.85)
1. Find the abnormal truck idling through the vehicle speed management system
2. Conduct supervision/reward and punishment management
3. Achieve the goal of reducing fuel consumption cost

Reduce fuel consumption through speed management.
Straight-line driving and keeping a stable driving speed would be the most fuel-efficient. If the speed is faster, the wind resistance will be larger. In order to cope with the increase in the speed and the doubled wind resistance, the car needs more fuel consumption to achieve the power increase, so the fuel consumption cost will be greatly increased, and there are even fines, car safety, and other problems. In the case of a fleet with 10 cars, each 20km speeding can cost 0.396 more gallons of gas,  which is equivalent to a fuel cost of $2240.65 per month and a speeding penalty of $68,286.58. (Assume that the price per gallon of gasoline is USD18.85, and the single overspeed penalty is $227.62)
1. Find out the speed of abnormal vehicles through the speed management system
2. Conduct supervision/punishment management
3. Achieve the target of reducing fuel consumption cost and operating cost

Reduce the risk of using the vehicle privately through abnormal notifications, realizing reduce fuel consumption.
When the vehicle is abused without authorization, it will not only generate excess fuel consumption cost, but also generate vehicle cost, such as increasing the consumption of tires, engines and equipment, the cost of vehicle maintenance, and shortening the service life of the vehicle.
For example, your employee drives the official car home without permission after work, and takes your commercial vehicle as the personal means of transportation, even worse takes the opportunity to transfer the private commuting costs to the company.
1. Send an abnormal alert
2. Notify fleet manager that the vehicle is being moved during a non-specified period
3. Achieve cost down

Helping fleet managers reduce fuel consumption is one of our targets and features, but not the only one.

Based on stable and reliable GPS terminal equipment and a unique IoT tracking platform, Jimi provides fleet managers with fleet management solutions featuring efficient, safety and cost down, solving fleet management challenges and improving fleet operational timeliness.

In response to the actual needs of fleet management, Jimi uses the precise positioning sensing terminal to collect vehicle operation data in realtime. Our Tracksolid tracking platform seamlessly and instantaneously transmit data through the wireless communication network, integrate GPS technology, GIS technology, cloud computing, mobile internet, and big data processing. Also, we adopt artificial intelligence algorithm technology to achieve precise control of the daily operation of the vehicle, meeting the needs of safe operation, efficient scheduling, comprehensive supervision, and lower operating costs.

The highlights of Jimi fleet optimization solution

More comprehensive engine sensing data
Jimi smart GPS terminals can collect dozens of relevant data such as vehicle engine fuel consumption, and transmit data to Tracksolid GPS tracking software over wireless network. No matter where you are, you can know the fuel consumption data of each car anytime anywhere, and provide powerful data support for your fleet fuel consumption management.

Inertial navigation combination positioning + Cloud trajectory compensation
The location information reported by the terminal is greatly affected by environmental factors (intensive buildings, under the viaduct, tunnels, etc.). Traditional GPS satellite positioning can lead to line offsets, mileage inaccuracies, etc. We use professional analytical processing techniques such as denoising, realizing correction and compensation of the trajectory, making the trajectory display smoother and the mileage calculation is more accurate.

Fuel consumption monitoring + Customized billing solutions
Not only provide data analysis of the overall vehicle fuel consumption of fleets, but also support customized billing solutions, realizing intelligent management of fleet operations.

Real-time status/event awareness + Timely warning
Deep integration of all kinds of sensor technology, real-time perception of vehicle key data, and enable advance prediction and avoid risks on the road, further reduce the accident rate and achieve multi-dimensional whole-process safety management.

Multi-dimensional operational report + Visual data
Apply big data technology to display key data visually such as fleet operation status, safety status, and fuel consumption, so that the manager can easily grasp the overall situation of the fleet at a glance.

Multiple complex geofence
Supports complex fences such as circles, polygons, etc., which can be drawn at your will, and it is more accurate than traditional electronic fences.

Driving behavior statistics summary + Analysis
Through artificial intelligence technology, Jimi device can get real-time perception of driver’s emotions, vehicle conditions, road conditions, and other key safety data. It not only regulates driving behavior but also improves driving safety.

Jimi IoT understands the current status and pain points of the fleet management and operation. To help boost your business, we intelligently distribute, monitor and summarize the operational tasks of the fleet through smart equipment and big data analysis algorithms, improving the overall operation and management from the inside, and benefiting fleet management by technology.  We are dedicated to adopting data and algorithms as the driving force, improving your efficiency, reducing your operation cost, and bringing value to all our customers.

We, as a world-class GPS solutions provider, since inception in 1999, have been developing, designing and building GPS equipment. Our services include fleet management, video telematics, asset & personal GPS tracking, intelligent public security, shared mobility, and software solution. With 20+ years in the GPS areas, Jimi currently is serving 150+ countries and having 1000+ successful large projects delivered.

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