How Jimi Smart Logistics Solutions Solve Fleet Management Problems?

How Jimi Smart Logistics Solutions Solve Fleet Management Problems?


With the development of global navigation technology, real-time tracking and remote control of moving targets have been practically applied. In particular, the improvement of global communication GSM and the geographic information positioning system GIS ensure that people can monitor the mobile target anytime anywhere. How to take advantage of GPS technology and apply it to logistics transportation management has gradually become a significant topic. And, we are also exploring how to improve the management and operating efficiency of modern logistics enterprises.

Jimi Smart Logistics Solutions

Comprehensive monitoring
The transportation monitoring device can track the vehicles equipped with GPS tracker in real time, record the vehicle’s operation from the map of the equipment management center, save the real-time location information on the device server, and store it in the form of intuitive operation record information. The fleet manager can clearly know the real-time operation of vehicles, task completion and route selection.

Logistics monitoring
The management system can use multi-window information to display and monitor vehicle status in real time, and replay the vehicles’ history route, so as to provide comprehensive data support for performance evaluation. The dispatching management department can make real-time communication according to the vehicle operation information at any time, combine the vehicle operation management with modern scientific management, and then promote the efficiency of the logistics operation. By recording the operation information of vehicles, it can prevent the occurrence of overspeed and drivers fatigue, ensuring the safety of personnel and vehicles. The management system can also analyze and sort out the best operation routes. In the event of a traffic accident: the monitoring center can accurately know the situation and reduce the accident loss through the location information recorded by monitoring.

Logistics query
By using GPS query function, the detailed position information of transportation vehicles, as well as driving direction, speed, route, departure time and task completion can be obtained directly from the tracking platform. The computer program can be used to compare the real-time running information of vehicles with the preset data, predict the problems that may occur on the road, and timely deploy personnel to deal with the problems, accurately know the transportation task status. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods can be equipped with additional monitoring devices, so that managers can obtain more transport information to ensure the safety of the transportation process and ensure the timely arrival of goods.

Overall command
In logistics management, it is often necessary to inform the customer of the transportation status and update the estimated arrival time. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct overall management and scheduling of transport vehicles. The monitoring center can know the overall situation of the vehicles, implement dynamic optimization management of all the resources in the logistics enterprises, so as to improve the transport efficiency, reduce the cost, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Whole way navigation
GPS technology can provide detailed navigation information for transportation vehicle drivers throughout the journey. For drivers unfamiliar with the road, especially in large cities with complicated traffic, it can avoid driving route errors as far as possible, provide an optimal route for drivers, improve transportation efficiency and save transportation costs.

Emergency assistance
If the transport vehicle encounters robbery, traffic accident and other emergencies on the way, the driver can use the management system to get in touch with the emergency assistance center in time. The system can analyze the severity and geographical location information, and deal with it properly. At the same time, an alarm is sent to the logistics management center, and the user information and the scene of the accident are provided to the management center.

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