How to Choose GPS Tracker?

How to Choose GPS Tracker?


GPS tracker is the terminal with a built-in GPS module and mobile communication module. It is used to transfer the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through the mobile communication module (GSM/GPRS network), so that the terminal position can be inquired on the platform.

If you’re worried about the car being stolen, or you want to know the trajectory of your car, GPS tracker would help. In recent years, vehicle GPS tracking devices are getting more and more popular among car owners, many of them have bought and installed on their cars.

Then, how to choose GPS tracker? Here are some advises for your reference.

1. Appearance
As with all electronic products, the appearance of a GPS tracker is the most important factor. Style design, material selection, and fine workmanship are all things we need to consider. If a product is poorly made on the outside, how can it make sure it has quality parts internally?

2. Stability
If the GPS chip is not good, it will often drift. Sometimes the position is accurate, and sometimes the deviation is quite large.

3. Functions
Some are GPS positioning, some are LBS positioning, some have the geo-fence function, some have historical route playback function. Also, there are audio monitoring, SOS call and so on, depending on the user’s choice.

However, it has to point out that more functions don’t mean the better device. On the contrary, products with simpler functions have more stable performance. So, the purchase must be based on your own needs. Don’t buy it blindly only to find a bunch of features but none of them is useful for you. It should also be noted that functional support does not equal to having functions. To realize functions, the product has to connect with external expansion devices. Therefore, you’d better get a comprehensive understanding of product functions before purchasing.

4. Tracking platform performance
To achieve the normal use of GPS tracking equipment, it must rely on a strong and stable service monitoring platform. GPS positioning, location query, vehicle monitoring, historical playback, etc. all need to log in the tracking platform to operate. Once the platform breaks down, all users will have no data about the positioning products. Therefore, when buying a GPS product, we should not only pay attention to the quality, function, and configuration of the hardware itself, but also examine the stability of the corresponding GPS monitoring platform. For example, you should consider whether the platform opens and responds quickly, whether the display of location information is accurate, whether the operation function is practical and so on.

5. Battery capacity
Wireless GPS locators rely on batteries, its capacity largely determines standby time, and repeated replacement of the battery causes a lot of troubles. Of course, the standby time will also be short due to usage habits, such as the GPS search status is always on.

6. Service
Sometime you may find difficulty in judging and deciding a reliable product if not familiar with the industry, but it is easy for you to compare the pre-sale service and after-sales maintenance of the product.

GPS tracking unit varies in size and price. Then how to choose vehicle GPS tracker? You can directly consult the customer service manager who is relatively understanding the industry and market.

There is a large market demand for GPS tracker and a number of inferior products have appeared on the market. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to screening when purchasing.

So… what features should a high-quality car GPS tracker have?

1. Rapid GPS positioning with high accuracy. After installing the mobile phone card and power on the device, the device can be positioned. Omni-directional positioning and tracking can be carried out at any time regardless of region and time. It is equipped with multiple sets of maps to correct errors and is easy to operate.

2. Powerful driving playback function. The car owner can choose the past 90 days of driving trace, and smoothly and intuitively playback, displaying the speed, direction, stay time, etc.

3. Equipped with Android/IOS tracking APP. Just download and install it on your phone, you can check the vehicle location in real time, playback historical route and monitor the vehicle, support satellite view.

4. High-end positioning chip. The chip of vehicle GPS system is the core component. Generally, the inferior product uses the cheap inferior chip, which is often not accurate, and cause a big location error.

5. Intelligent electronic geofence. When the vehicle enters the geofence area, it will automatically enter the state of fortification. When the vehicle goes out of the fence, the owner’s mobile phone will receive an alarm message, which will not need to be set repeatedly and will be permanently effective.

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