How to Install Dash Cam (picture and video)

How to Install Dash Cam (picture and video)


Many people would install a dashcam when they buy a car.
So, How to install a dash cam and make it look clean?What tools are needed for
installation? What steps do you go through? This article will show step by step.

We adopt Jimi JC400P AiVision Dashcam as an example in
this installation tutorial. It is for reference only, because different vehicle
designs and fuse box positions may vary greatly, and different dashcam will
also differ in installation. However, this guide is generally practical and I
believe it can solve more than 90% of your installation problems.

Before installation, let’s take a quick look at the JC400P  dash camera and its accessories.

Now, onto the installation.

1. Find the fuse box of your vehicle and remove the cover.

2. Use a
multimeter to locate the constant power (B+).

3. Use the
multimeter to test the ACC power.

4. Pull out the
B+ and ACC fuses and insert the corresponding fuses of the power bundle into

5. Connect the
negative of the GND cable to the negative of the battery and make sure the
connection is intact and secure.

6. Connect JC400P with the power bundle to check whether it powers on
normally. If yes, disconnect it and route the cables.

7. Tuck the power bundle into trims.

8. Select a proper installation position on the windshield and wipe the
position clean.

9. Remove the protective film of the 3M tape on the mount base and attach it
to the position.

10. Press the mount base tightly to the
windshield to ensure full contact and then wait for 2 hours.

11. Insert the SIM card and the
memory card into JC400P.

12. Adjust the camera unit to a proper capture
angle, fit JC400P into the mount base, and then connect the power bundle.

13. Place the outlet end of the
power bundle along the windshield above the rearview mirror.

14. Switch ACC
on and ensure that red, blue, and green indicators of JC400P are solid on.

15. Open
Tracksolid on your smartphone and tap installed devices. Tap the camera and go toLive. Check if the capture angle is proper. Adjust the angle if necessary.

16. Check other features such as positioning
and video preview on Tracksolid. If all these features are satisfying, the
installation is complete.

If you still feel confused, please click here to learn more. We
also prepare the whole installation video tutorial for your reference. If you
need further help, don’t hesitate to contact us!