How to Use Tracksolid APP (IOS and Android)

How to Use Tracksolid APP (IOS and Android)


This article is mainly about how to use Tracksolid APP, including IOS and Android. It would introduce step by step and also give you some troubleshooting methods. 

1. How to download
There are two ways:
a. scan the QR code below. 
b. search Tracksolid in APP store or Google play.

2. How to register

Enter the account number and password provided by the supplier, or register and add the device by yourself.

After adding the binding device through the IMEI number, the account will be automatically assigned under the vendor account to which the device belongs.
If fail to bind, the reason may be that the device is not imported to the platform or has been bound by another user.
If you want to have a test first, please click the demo button. Please check the mail trash box if you don’t get the verification email.
Also, do not login the same account on different phones at the same time.

3. Homepage
First at your sight is the device location on the map, then click the first icon in the upper right corner to enter the account page, and switch to view the locations of the different devices under the account.

4. List

On the list page, you can see all the devices status: online, offline, inactive.

Detail: Click the detail button, you can see the device name, address, expiration, etc. Click the upper right button to edit device info, including SIM, driver name…

Tracking: If you want to get the vehicle real-time status, please click tracking button.

Playback: If you want to get the vehicle historical route, please click this button. Choose the start time and end time, but make sure the time interval should be between 7 days. The progress and playback speed (slow, medium, fast) are adjustable.

Command: Vibration alarm, power cut-off alarm, remote control… all can be sent here.


Geo Fence: set the fence position and radius. 

5. Alert Page
You can filter and view the designated alert types and IMEI/device name you want. If your Android Tracksolid APP doesn’t receive alerts notification, first, please check your APP setting status, making sure the APP is set trustable. Second, make sure the APP is on running status.

6. Profile
It mainly about account management, alert and command records. You can modify your username and password, contact service provider and deliver some feedback, check the command logs, setting alert notification mode and alert types, check the tracksolid version, language, unit…

If you want to know how to use Track Solid on PC, please click here.

If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to visit our Tracksolid FAQ  or  contact us !

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