Improve Productivity and Profitability with Video Telematics Solution

Improve Productivity and Profitability with Video Telematics Solution


The management of a fleet of any size is a challenging undertaking for any organization. Among all of these challenges, three stand out. Jimi Video Telematics Solution provides a way to face these challenges in a digitally smart way.

Three Biggest Challenges Facing Fleet Managers

1) Lack real-time telematics data for driver coaching and timely vehicle maintenance

Prior to digitalization, fleet managers documented everything on paper, which was time-consuming, and the information was always outdated when they were needed to coach drivers or perform vehicle maintenance. It would be very costly if an
accident occurred and damages were claimed, or if a car problem went unnoticed for an extended period of time and developed into a major crisis that required an overhaul. It would also be difficult to find the information that would be
most relevant to a current situation from all of these documents. All of these would cost you more in penalties, claims, and manpower.

2) No effective way to ensure safety of drivers and assets and provide immediate help in emergencies

Keeping drivers and assets safe is of utmost importance. In the past, managers had no way of pinpointing the locations of their fleet vehicles, let alone knowing if their on-road assets are in good condition. Even in urgent situations, such as
an accident or a car glitch, drivers had to wait a considerable amount of time before help arrived. Such unforeseen circumstances could adversely affect the efficiency of your fleet and the reputation of your business.

3)Difficult to recover stolen vehicles and discover idling or forgotten vehicles

For businesses with large fleets, the number of assets to be managed and utilized are huge. The first issue is that when fleet cars are left unattended, they can become targets for intruders and the chances of recovery are slim without telematics hardware and management software. Another issue large companies may face is how to ensure that all vehicles reach their full potential (some may be forgotten in the yard and others may idle without a good reason) and yield the maximum return possible. An IoT solution can be a good option to ensure all fleet vehicles are accounted for and utilized efficiently.

How Jimi VideoTelematics Solution Works

The hardware, the trackers and dashcams, will collect critical telematics data from your fleet vehicles and the software, Jimi cloud-based platform, will visualize these data as in videos, graphs or lists for you to review virtually on any
device anytime anywhere.Click the video below to know how the Jimi Video Telematics Solution would help.