IoT Solution for Supplies Supervision (protective suit and goggles).

IoT Solution for Supplies Supervision (protective suit and goggles).


The global economic loss and social impact caused by coronavirus are still ongoing. How to overcome the epidemic situation and restore normal production and life as soon as possible? In addition to effective controls and supervision, accelerating the application of new technologies to help epidemic surveillance and the deployment of medical supplies has also become an important topic.

In the fight against coronavirus, Jimi IoT launched supplies supervision (such as mask, protective suit, Goggle) to achieve precise management and dynamic monitoring in terms of material donation tracking, epidemic tracking, medical data management, medical supplies and drug traceability.

1. Pain Points

a.  Loss during transit

During transit, the supplies may lose, be requisitioned, be
stolen, or be switched.

b. Whereabouts unclear

The allocation of supplies is unfair and nontransparent
or the whereabouts of targeted supplies are unclear. Some of those in charge
even use IOUs for their illegal use of supplies.

c. Allocation hard and time-consuming

During specific times, some departments may face a staff shortage or their staff lacks experience, causing
supplies allocation chaotic and lowering allocation efficiency.

d. Inventory and distribution unclear

The unclear inventory and distribution cause the backlog
of supplies, affecting epidemic control.

2. Architecture: Hardware+Cloud+APP

provides a one-stop solution, which integrates BDS, cellular communication,
geo-fence, sensors, etc.
to achieve visualized management of materials in the whole process.

3. Features:

a. Real-time Tracking

Donor:Mobile APP enables users to check real-time locations of
donated supplies.

Supervisor/Manager:Jimi management platform enables users to check statuses
and distributions of donated supplies for planning and coordination in advance.

b. Instant alerts for geo-fence

Logistics Facilities Management

For important logistics facilities during transportation, users can set geo-fences, so they can know the transit of supplies timely.

Enter/Exit Alert

Users will be notified when the supplies enters or leaves a geo-fence.

Multiple Geo-fence Shapes

The platform enables users to set geofences by administrative regions (province, city, or county) or in circle or polygon.

c. Trips playback facilitating supplies searching

By setting a time period (within the past 180 days) on the platform or mobile APP, users can check the history trips of the supplies.

Unpacking Alert

The device uploads an alarm and the current location when the supplies are unpacked to ensure the supplies is directed to the right unit.

  • Supplies are safe during transit
  • Supplies won’t be requisitioned by any third party
  • Whereabouts of supplies are clear


Temerature detection BDS+GPS
Light and small Tamper alarm
Long standby (15 days)
Battery strength display

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