Issues related to telematics and fleet management.

Issues related to telematics and fleet management.


Distributing the instant allot

Video telematics solution immediate notification of the delivered economy within a minute and know what’s happening in the video. The inattentive driving alert is Whether it is difficult for the driver to stay in the lane or if it is a bigger problem, the economy will be notified immediately. Traffic accident Has caused about 87.1 billion dollars in economic loss and social harm to the China economy. Our instant video monitoring , Your business provides the necessary evidence to protect against fraudulent claims. Video Telemetry, Video Transmission, Incorporation Tracking and data can be used to provide evidence of events before and during a road accident.

The future of video telematics The future

As technology progresses, companies will be able to access information quickly and easily. Special for Freight. The new integrated video system designed in Japan uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive the speed of the vehicles involved …

Deoterematics and 5G

Due to the new technology, the transfer speed of video images will be improved, so the communication gap will not be reduced. It enables quick decision-making. If a problem arises, it is possible that the free rerouting will occur immediately. The management system should be able to quickly carry out the problematic troubleshooting regardless of whether it is temperature-related, traffic-related, or accident-centered. I can do it.

The video telematics is a GPS-integrated video accident system that travels from the driver’s point of view. The video can be recorded. The monitoring camera or multi-camera system protects the business in the event of an accident or accident.


An effective free management system provides information on how the company is unloading goods and providing services to its customers. Collected by real time. Using the GPS tracking system, the position of the router can be known by real time, and all of them can be known. It is possible to confirm that this is being carried out on an efficient schedule.

Adding videometry and monitoring cameras to the Freight Management System provides other points and more information.

Dual or multi-camera

The scope of surveillance you have embedded in your fleet is for you to witness exactly what happened in an accident or a roadside collision. It protects you by giving you some angle. In an emergency, prompt and thorough information is essential.

The camera group provides evidence that it is more appropriate to submit in the event that the liability of the carrier or the liability of the association is at stake.

Management and fraud prevention

Video telematics prevents fraudulent security claims from confusing the business. Systems are needed to identify failures. Providing evidence. When video evidence is available to back up them.