Jimi Announces the Launch of LTE Cat M1/NB2 Bike Lock.

Jimi Announces the Launch of LTE Cat M1/NB2 Bike Lock.


On the first day of March 2021, Jimi has unveiled the second-generation GPS bike lock JM-BL11, a bike tracking device particularly developed for bike sharing industry.

The JM-BL11 adopts LTE Cat M1/NB2 technology, which are both LPWA communication standards for IoT applications with many future potentials, and were specifically tailored for low-data throughput IoT applications, exceeding market demands for optimized power consumption, and enhanced quality of coverage.

In order to reduce the damage rate of sharing bikes, the new bike lock has been designed extremely rugged and durable, and the high IP rating enables it to withstand various tough weather conditions, thus reducing the cost and time waste of replacement.

Through the communication between the device and cloud platform, unlocking it is quite easy. Through RFID tag (private use), Bluetooth, or scanning QR code, you can start your riding within several seconds.

About the part about power and standby, the JM-BL11 carries on the combination of a 10,000mAh Li-polymer battery and solar-powered panel, which means the battery won’t drain out in a short term.

And most importantly, the communication between device and server can be encrypted in TLS 1.2 protocol, which is a widely deployed security protocol between two communicating applications, and can significantly enhance the security of data.

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