Jimi Awarded Platinum Partner of the Year by Tuya Jimi IoT Co.

Jimi Awarded Platinum Partner of the Year by Tuya Jimi IoT Co.


On December 27th, 2018, the Future Intelligent Business Summit was successfully held at Dragon Hotel, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

It is reported that the summit was sponsored by Tuya Smart, who just closed its C round of financing, and Caijing, an independent magazine in China. Worldwide AI+IoT developers and 100+ AI experts were invited to discuss the future of AI+IoT industry from the perspectives of technology, products, market, and business.

As a high-tech enterprise covering R & D, product design, operation, sales, and cloud platform services, Jimi has nearly 20 years experience in communication and products, and always focuses on the IoT vertical business. In the summit, Jimi Group was awarded the Platinum Partner of the Year by Tuya Smart.

Yang Yi, co-founderandCOO of Tuya, made an enlightening speech to the attendees. ” The essence of IoT is the connection between people. More people connected, more markets explored. ” 

It is estimated that by 2020, more than 27 billion smart devices will be connected to the Internet, while the number of newly added devices will reachto8 billion per year. In the future, each consumer will have one or more smart devices, of which 10 billion will be mobile connected devices.

Reports published by McKinsey & Company show that the economic value of the global IoT market is expected to reach $11 trillion by 2025, while the value in the hardware market will break$53 billion by 2020.

With the Cloud platform provided by Tuya Smart, Jimi will deep the win-win cooperation with Tuya Smart. On the one hand, Jimi’s smart home products and GPS trackers will be integrated to Tuya platform. On the other hand, Jimi will be important partner of Tuya.

About Tuya: Tuya is a global “AI+IoT” developer platform, and the world’s leading voice AI interactive platform, connecting consumers, manufacturing brands, OEMs and retail chains, providing customers with a one-stop artificial intelligence Internet of Things solution.