JIMI helps Microsoft Real Estate Exchange to empower smart property development

JIMI helps Microsoft Real Estate Exchange to empower smart property development


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In the era of the Internet of Things to achieve the interconnection of all things, all industries are bound to move towards intelligence, and the real estate industry is no exception. How to combine smart home, smart park and smart city through the Internet of Things to truly realize technology empowerment is a problem that all real estate companies need to think deeply.

About Microsoft Real Estate Property Industry Transformation Exchange Meeting

As a traditional industry, China’s real estate industry has gone through decades of development and has moved from the golden age to the silver age. In the era of intelligence, the combination of innovative technology and traditional industries has produced a variety of new corporate models, bringing industrial upgrading and transformation to the real estate industry. The use of high-tech to build smart enterprises has become the only way to transform the real estate industry. Driven by intelligent, more and more real estate companies connect smart homes, smart parks and smart cities through the Internet to create intelligent construction and operation of the entire system. Real estate change, technology empowerment.

The “Microsoft Real Estate Industry Transformation Conference” aims to enable enterprises to transform their businesses in the real estate industry with cutting-edge technologies, and to have a deeper understanding and more accurate action deployment. Many real estate industry elites attended the meeting to share the latest industry trends and leading technology application cases, and talk about the transformation of the real estate industry.

As a leading provider of Internet of Things solutions, Jimmy Group was invited to participate in the real estate property industry transformation exchange held by Microsoft on May 10, 2019 at the Sheraton Shenzhen Grand China Hotel on the theme of “Digital Excellence, Transformation and Winning”. At the meeting, the participants of the participating real estate partners shared the “Smart Connect – Personnel Precise Positioning and Management Solution”.

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Operation and maintenance management

With the development of the Internet of Things and 5G technology, the concept of smart communities is advancing on the road of intelligence, digitization and intelligence. Smart access control is the best entrance for smart communities. At present, most access control systems are inefficient, operate at high cost, and have a single function, which cannot meet the growing demand, but increase the pressure on property management.

At the same time, the way of manually copying water meters from households is not convenient for data statistics, monitoring and maintenance, and the reliability and real-time of data cannot be guaranteed.

To this end, Jimmy Group proposes smart access control attendance and smart water meter solutions combined with NB-IoT (mass connection, deep coverage, low power) technology, IoT intelligent terminals and big data cloud platform to achieve intelligent management and operation.
The intelligent access control attendance machine realizes the automatic management of the access control and data storage, which can be applied to the intelligent operation of the fast unmanned hotel from reservation to check-in and the attendance punching of small and medium-sized companies.

The communication module smart water meter realizes smart hydropower statistics and pays quickly, thus reducing labor costs and avoiding simple repetitive work of routine inspection and inspection.

Personnel safety and management

Take the safety and management of cleaning personnel as an example. For commercial property management and residential property management, monitoring and protecting security, cleaning and other personnel is an important task. At present, the industry often faces problems of difficulty in assessment, information asymmetry, and inconvenient scheduling.

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Using GPS/LBS/Beidou/WiFi/Bluetooth/UWB positioning technology, the campus personnel positioning and management solution provided by Jimmy can realize important functions such as SOS one-button emergency help, track playback, smart attendance, and external personnel supervision.

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When the first-line cleaning staff finds a problem, it can quickly report the situation through the SOS button for one-call call and two-way call function. The management personnel can locate and know the regional cleaning staff in real time, and can easily dispatch through the mobile phone APP to instantly protect the personal safety of the cleaning personnel.

Indoor and outdoor real-time video surveillance scheduling

Through 3G/4G walkie-talkie, 4G law enforcement instrument, indoor and outdoor security camera and other intelligent terminals, combined with its own monitoring, dispatching platform and APP, several meters to help building video surveillance and intercom, make the park more secure.

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The ability to enhance the construction of smart infrastructure is the foundation for building smart communities and smart cities. These are inseparable from the interconnection and data interaction of various public and home smart terminals in the community.

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At the exchange meeting, the intelligent property solutions brought by Jimmy Group were highly appreciated by the real estate industry elites who came to the site. At the same time, through exchanges with the elite on the spot, Jimmy learned more about the needs and difficulties of the real estate industry and was deeply inspired. In the future, Jimmy will continue to cultivate in smart cities, smart homes, smart farms, public safety, transportation logistics, driverless, AIOT and other industries and fields, bringing better one-stop solutions and excellent users to customers around the world. Experience.

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