Jimi IoT became the most influential company of 2020

Jimi IoT became the most influential company of 2020


On March 9th, Jimi IoT became the most influential companies of 2020 on IoT Star Awards

About IoT Star Awards

IoT Star Awards started in 2008, hosted by the CIOTIAAChina IOT Industry Application Allianceand the SZIOTShenzhen Internet of Things Industry Associationwhich are awards for outstanding companies in the IoT industry of China. Known as the Oscar of China’s IoT industry.


As the pioneer of the small device for the IoV, Jimi IoT has been deployed in 60+ key areas around the world, with more than 30 million users. We provide customers with end-to-end IoT solutions, including smart hardware and cloud platforms. Our service covering product customization, sales, and after-sales. 


To enhanced fleet safety, our video telematics solutions are integrated with an AI-powered dashcam to assist fleet managers to reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase overall fleet safety through both offline and real-time driver coaching.


For the growing usage-based insurance market, our UBI solution help insurance provider manage premiums in a more reasonable and equitable way, making insurance product and service stand out from the competition.


Jimi IoT has been innovating over the past 20 years to achieve one thing that makes connection simpler. Up to now, we have over 260 intelligent properties, more than 3 million connections active in our platform per day, and over 3000 successful projects all around the world. In 2021, we will still focus on location services of IoT and create more value for clients.