Jimi Launches JM-VL03 to Bring Premium Performance to Auto Tracking

Jimi Launches JM-VL03 to Bring Premium Performance to Auto Tracking


On March 5th, Jimi IoT announced the third device launched in Q1, 2021, the 4G LTE Vehicle Tracker JM-VL03 – a new member of our 4G portfolio.


The JM-VL03 adopts LTE Cat 1 technology, which is one of the most widely used communication technologies in IoT industry, and has formed an impressive coverage all over the world with its wider bandwidth, faster peak rate, and competitive cost-performance.


This device supports 9-90V input voltage, making it compatible with a variety of vehicles including car, bus, truck, trailer, as well as diverse heavy equipment such as excavator, loader, tractor, and more.


Depending on a specific program helping monitor the status of battery, this device can prevent your vehicle battery from failure or draining out – when battery anomaly is detected, you will get quick notification of the emergency.


If combined with our Tracksolid Pro online platform/APP, the JM-VL03 can gather the data about vehicle’s location, speed, ACC, and battery status and upload to platform, allowing you to check all that information at a glance.


Featuring black appearance, small size, and high concealability, JM-VL03 is suitable for automotive risk control, vehicle supervision and anti-theft campaign.

Automotive risk control: Risk prevention and control, real-time status monitoring, dynamic car positioning.

Unified fleet management: Regulation of driving safety, historical trajectories visibility, triple positioning systems.

Electric car intelligent upgrade: Real-time monitoring, immediate alerts, remote cut-off.


With the further advancement of 5G technology and IoT commercialization, the global IoT connections will keep a rapid growth. As a leading global IoT solution provider, Jimi IoT will continue to launch high-quality positioning terminals, work with regional industry chain partners, help customers share the international market and enable the new era of Internet of Everything.