JIMI Microsoft unveiled in Taipei COMPUTEX 2019

JIMI Microsoft unveiled in Taipei COMPUTEX 2019



JIMI & Microsoft

From May 28th to 30th, 2019, JIMI joined Microsoft as a partner to participate in the International Computer Show in Taipei (COMPUTEX 2019). As the industry’s leading provider of IoT solutions, JIMI introduced its smart logistics and remote visualization fleet management solutions to customers around the world.


Jimmy Smart Logistics Solution

An Introduction

Based on the transportation operation process management and vehicle information management, the integrated logistics and transportation management system with independent intellectual property rights developed through intelligent sensing, audio and video, multiple positioning, wireless communication, cloud computing and other technologies; real-time tracking of logistics vehicles Monitoring, at the same time, can carry out fixed-point management of goods, complete the seamless connection between vehicles, goods and warehouses in the logistics industry.

In addition, through comprehensive monitoring of controlled items, the company implements supervision of warehousing management, asset allocation and sales process, and the program is mature and stable, with scalability, reliability, safety and ease of use.

“Cloud” intelligent tracking and decision platform



Internet of Things terminal


Applicable scene

Jimmy Remote Visualized Fleet Management Solution

A few meters of visualized fleet management solutions, based on geographic location and communication network technology, provide location monitoring, historical itinerary, alarm reporting and notification for operating vehicles through hardware, cloud back-end and big data algorithms. You don’t need to arrive at the vehicle site to know the fleet’s operations. Through big data analysis, you can summarize the driving habits of the vehicles and provide various reference reports to improve operational efficiency and enhance safety.

About Taipei International Computer Show

Taipei International Computer Show is the annual event of the global information industry. It is the second largest international computer exhibition in Asia and the largest in Asia. It attracts thousands of manufacturers from more than 150 countries and regions every year. Intel and AMD in the IT industry. NVIDIA and other international giants have all arrived, and well-known mainland companies such as Lenovo, Peking University Founder and Tsinghua Unisplendour have also come to the exhibition. The IT industry often said: “New products look at CeBIT, finished products look at ComputeX.” It can be seen that Taipei International Computer Show has become the largest exhibition of IT products.

The 2019 Taipei International Computer Show ended on June 1st, attracting 42,499 international buyers from 171 countries. The top 10 buyers, China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia and India, once again witnessed COMPUTEX as a global indicator communication technology exhibition.