JIMI Student Card was Highly Praised by Dean of Tsinghua Institute.

JIMI Student Card was Highly Praised by Dean of Tsinghua Institute.


Recently, the 2nd PDC International Education Conference & the 20th China Annual Conference for International Education were held on October 17-19 at the China National Convention Center. Jimi’s smart campus IoT solution was released in this event. The intelligent IoT student ID card customized for the PDC International  Education Alliance was also unveiled. It was merged into the Beijing Pujialou Central Primary School, the founding unit of the PDC International Education Alliance, and become an intelligent campus demonstration school.

1. Dean of Tsinghua University Research Institute Cao Chong speaks highly of Jimi products
Jimi smart IoT student ID card is the first cloud attendance intelligent product with a built-in Beidou chip. It combines with WiFi and LBS signals to make positioning more accurate. At the same time, as the first PDC alliance school-enterprise cooperation project, Jimi student card is not only praised by the president of Tsinghua University Research Institute and the chief scientist of China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association – Mr. Cao, but also get good reviews by well-known experts, scholars, education administrators all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Finland, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Spain, Nepal and China’s 25 provinces and cities.

2. Jimi 4G IoT student card is applied in Beijing Hujialou Central Primary School
In cooperation with the PDC Alliance “Beidou Little Academician” workstation, we fully listened to and adopted the children’s needs and opinions, and launched an IoT student ID card that the children personally participated in. The children participated in the product user demand research, product function design and new product trials, providing a lot of creative ideas and real user feedback so that the products are more appropriate to students’ real needs.

Let’s hear what students say.

 “Everyone in our class personally participated in the design of this project, and several of our suggestions were adopted. It is not a small ID card, it is a solution that realizes real-time communication for many problems including security, contact, and versatility. The most important thing is that it is specially designed for us.”

 “Can we have an all-in-one card? Because nowadays we have mobile phones, watches, meal cards, library borrowing cards, etc., so we are thinking about whether we can integrate one card that can achieve all the functions. The IoT student ID card in my hand can meet such needs.”

“So, what can Beidou intelligent electronic student ID card do? It has the functions of positioning, sign-in, book borrowing, electronic geofence, and talking with parents. One of the most important functions is smart consumption, which is derived from our ideas. Now it is so inconvenient without money, but we also consume at will that causes another problem. For example, in the recharge of video games, there are many children who spend more than RMB 10,000 on games, but parents don’t know. This Beidou intelligent electronic student ID card realizes the function of smart consumption so that parents can know every child’s expenses from the mobile phone each time. Once the limit is exceeded, it can automatically cancel the transaction. This electric student ID card is a nice gift that we bring to this PDC conference.”

3. What changes have the smart student card brought to the classroom

A. Stimulate the desire to learn
At the stage of primary and middle school, children are not mature in mind and do not have enough autonomous learning ability. Most classes are dominated by traditional teacher-oriented mode. However, at present, many education experts are discussing how to return classroom dominance to students and turn them from passive knowledge receivers to active knowledge explorers. So, how to improve children’s learning initiative and enthusiasm in the primary school classroom effectively?

Shang Junjie, who is the deputy dean of the School of Education at Peking University and director of the Department of Educational Technology,  said, “When students enjoy the fun of the game while learning, the motivation for learning will naturally arise.”

When the question-and-answer format is from “lifting hands” and “naming questions” to the gameplay like “racing to be the first to answer a question”,“voting” and so on, and infiltrating into the whole learning process, the students’ initiative is naturally improved.

B. Teaching students according to their aptitude is no longer a slogan
In the traditional elementary school classroom, the teacher stands on the podium, and the children sit underneath and are in a passive position, but this form is currently not conducive to the interaction between teachers and students. Even by adjusting the table and chairs and it became a round-table group discussion, the effect is not good.

Almost every class has children who dare not ask questions. Some children said: “I didn’t dare to say that I did wrong. I was afraid that the teacher would criticize and my classmates would laugh. Now I don’t have to say it by myself. The teacher will explain again if finding the correct rate is low. It’s great!” With the help of the online classroom answering function, after the students complete the answer, the system will automatically calculate the correct rate of the question. The teacher can view the “answer details” on the platform of the smart campus, and use the functions of the smart classroom according to the specific questions of the students to promote the students’ enthusiasm for learning and better realize the intelligent teaching.

In the classroom, the teacher uses the classroom answering function of the 4G student card to assist teaching. Jimi smart student card supports single-choice, multiple-choice, judgment, answer, vote and other functions, which can help all students answer questions online, generate classroom scores and reports, and let students focus more on the classroom and improve their enthusiasm, and realize teaching in accordance with their aptitude. Throughout the process, the children are concentrated and active.

It can effectively stimulate students’ learning initiatives and enable children to have fun in it. This is why Jimi smart electronic student card is welcomed by teachers and students!

Our intelligent campus IoT solution solves many problems such as home-school interaction, campus security management, and education informationization, and integrates all-round digital wisdom education, including security campus, smart education, learning resources, and other software and hardware. By the end of 2019, the smart campus project and 4G electronic student cards have successfully served 5,000 campuses in primary and secondary schools in China. Jimi and Tencent Education, VIPKID etc totally 19 companies have become the first batch of PDC International Education Alliance technical support units. We will continue to explore a better smart campus solution and make efforts to contribute to ensuring the safety of primary and secondary students and realizing educational equity.

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