Jimi Unveils All-in-One LTE Cat 1 Asset Tracker for IoT Deployments.

Jimi Unveils All-in-One LTE Cat 1 Asset Tracker for IoT Deployments.


Jimi IoT is excited to announce the market launch of our newest 4G asset tracker, JM-LL02, a new generation of 4G GPS tracking terminal based on LTE-CAT1 technology, to meet user needs for medium and low-speed Internet of Vehicles applications.

The JM-LL02 uses LTE Cat 1 network, which will take the majority share of 4G in the mobile IoT connectivity in the coming years, forming the main core of medium-rate IoT connectivity. Jimi IoT keeps up with the pace of the market and strongly supports the digital upgrade of the industry, and provides users with more products featuring Cat 1 communication.

With 6,000mAh battery capacity and 3 working modes, JM-LL02 can work longer and more flexibly, you are allowed to switch the work modes based on actual applications. Impressively, you can reclaim and recharge the device after it has completed its mission.

Another practical update is the adoption of Bluetooth module, by which you will be able to connect Bluetooth sensors to extend the functions, and capture device logs without network connection.

The JM-LL02 also inherits some features of the previous generation, including the magnetic cover for effortless installation and strong adhesion, the light sensor for detecting device removal, the IP67 design for better resistance to complicated working conditions, and the internal microphone for remote listen-in.

During the second half-year in 2020, Jimi IoT has launched many self-developed projects based on the reconsideration of market trends and requirements. Thanks to the efforts of the project development team, a majority of them have been completed in Q1, 2021, which means more products are going to be launched in the next few days. So stay tuned!

Learn more at JM-LL02 LTE Cat 1 Asset Tracker.