Jimi Video Telematics Solution Help Car-hailing Services Become Safer.

Jimi Video Telematics Solution Help Car-hailing Services Become Safer.


The security issue about car-hailing apps has always been a hot topic in recent years. In addition to the regular taxi-hailing service, the car software also extends the different types of vehicle customization services such as tailored taxi service, ride-sharing, and fast ride. It does provide a lot of conveniences for the public to travel, but it also brings a lot of security risks, such as robbery, kidnapping and so on.

The government and car-hailing operating companies have adopted various methods to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, such as reviewing the registration information and setting up a rating system.

In the future, the demand for fleet management and supervision will continue to grow.

Jimi IoT is making full use of our video telematics solution to help car-hailing services have safer rides.

1. Jimi video telematics solution introduction
Jimi IoT uses the intelligent JC200 Pro Car Dashcam as the communication portal. It is a smart telematics product terminal specially designed for fleet management. JC200 car camera integrates AI, GPS, tracking and positioning, real-time data, remote monitoring, driving track playback, and driver driving behavior analysis functions in one device, supporting DMS and ADAS functions. It uploads the captured vehicle information to the Jimi cloud platform, and provides the fleet manager with driving data report and the latest in-vehicle dynamic information after the cloud processing, protecting driver and passenger safety and delivers a comprehensive understanding of driving behavior.

2. Highlights of Jimi video telematics solution
1) comply with policy requirements to ensure passenger safety
We will standardize the operation of car-hailing reservation, protect passengers’ safety and legitimate rights, and meet the requirements of supervisory authorities.

2) prevent vehicle accidents and improve operation efficiency
Monitor bad habits such as idling stop, sharp turn, rapid acceleration, sudden brake, and over-speed driving to improve drivers’ driving habits and ensure safe travel. Carry out unified fleet management to make the complicated scheduling plan in good order.

3) rapid deployment and development
The solution conforms to relevant industry standards, including video docking, GPS data protocol, etc. It provides a foundation for the follow-up system docking supervision platform and public security platform, without long cycle development. 

Strengthening the driver’s qualification review is a guarantee for public security. After all, all management system takes some time to build and transition. The compliance of car-hailing services is a long way to go, requiring the joint efforts from all kinds of Internet travel platform and social. Meanwhile, Jimi will continue to contribute to the new era of shared mobility safety in the future.

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