JIMI won the Best Partner Award at China Mobile Partner Conference.

JIMI won the Best Partner Award at China Mobile Partner Conference.


China Mobile Sichuan Company Partner Conference was held in Chengdu from April 29 to April 30, 2019. The theme of this conference is “Leading 5G and winning Future”. As the largest 5G technology exhibition in Sichuan so far, Sichuan Mobile has cooperated with partners to exhibit more than 200 5G high-tech applications on site and honored the excellent partners at the same time. Shenzhen Jimi IOT Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the conference and was awarded the “Best Government-Enterprise Partner Award”. This is both a high degree of recognition for the former cooperation and a good vision for far-reaching cooperation in the future.

Shenzhen Jimi IOT Co., Ltd., as an IoT high-tech enterprise under the Jimi Group, is committed to providing one-stop solutions for various industries. In June 2018, Jimi carried the Smart Ranch program and represented China Mobile Sichuan Company at the Shanghai World Mobile Congress MWC and achieved excellent response. Prior to this, Jimi and China Mobile Sichuan Company have deep cooperation in IoT cards, car networking, smart pastures and smart campuses, providing excellent cooperation projects such as “And Shepherd” and “And Campus”. Among them, the “And Shepherd” project was recommended as an excellent project by China Mobile Group.

“And Shepherd” can also be called “Smart Ranch” project, which was born based on many problems existing in the current local livestock management work. For example, livestock are stolen and lost, and difficulty in searching; inbreeding leads to defects of offspring and even population degradation; excessive grazing leads to environmental problems such as grassland degradation. In order to facilitate the management of livestock and improve the environmental impact of the livestock industry, the “And Shepherd” program has emerged.

The livestock intelligent terminal equipment collects a series of data such as livestock positioning data, livestock living environment data and livestock physiological indicators through GPS+ Beidou double-star positioning feedback, and the acquired data is transmitted to the big data platform for statistical analysis via GPRS, NB-IoT and LoRa networks. Then visualize the results and present them to the client (WEB, herdsmen APP, bureau of animal husbandry APP)

Through the “And Shepherd” APP, the herdsmen can easily realize intelligent farming, monitor livestock location, view the health of livestock anytime anywhere, know the livestock archives, view the blood relationship of livestock, and promote prenatal and postnatal care. At the same time, big data analysis can be used to study the factors affecting the growth rate of livestock, achieving grassland control and helping to solve various environmental problems caused by overgrazing. 

The “And Shepherd” project truly realizes the scientific and accurate collection of information and data, provides scientific basis for the government and breeding bases to measure and make decisions, and helps herdsmen to easily realize intelligent farming. It is appropriate to make political and civilian services.

At this conference, China Mobile Sichuan Company held Sichuan University and proposed a new ecology of 5G+ smart education in higher education. Prior to this, Jimi also had educational cooperation with China Mobile Sichuan Company. The proposal of “And Campus” project was strongly affirmed by China Mobile Sichuan Company.

“And Campus” is the “Smart Campus” project

Children’s education has always been a hot issue of concern. For example, students are addicted to mobile phones; often suffer from unhealthy content on the Internet, which affects students’ growth problems; student safety issues after leaving the campus; rush to punch in, forget to punch out; the difficulty of school attendance and so on. The future of the child is the future of society. To solve these problems, Jimi proposes a customized IOT solution for the smart campus.

In the form of student ID, the information exchange between teachers, parents and students is realized through the integration of Internet of Things and wireless communication. As a communication portal, the intelligent electronic student ID collects the daily status of students (attendance, location, trajectory, alarm information, etc.) and uploads them to the cloud server for immediate analysis and calculation.


Holding a smart electronic student ID card is equivalent to a campus card + simple mobile phone. It meets the needs of children on campus attendance, shopping, access card, two-way call with parents, transmission of on-site information, and a button for help and other functions. At the same time, parents can view the student status anytime and anywhere through the mobile APP. It is no longer difficult for the school to solve many problems such as intelligent attendance and security management through the cloud platform.

The “And Campus” project protects the safety of children in all aspects