Meet us at IoT Word China!

Meet us at IoT Word China!


IoT Word China, also known as IoT-Smart Future Expo 2019, will be opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from December 19th to 21st, 2019. Organized by UBM Creativity Exhibition, the event will gather experts and successful companies in the IoT and 5G industrials from all over the world, jointly promoting innovation and cooperation in the field of China’s Internet of Things. Jimi IoT is honored to participate in the forum and exhibition as invited.

IoT World (Internet Of Things World) is an influential global technology fair and seminar in the IoT field. It is held in Silicon Valley, London, South Africa and Singapore every year. Now, let ’s see some highlights of the IoT-Smart Future Expo 2019!

1. Focus on the IoT field & conform to the industrial trend
IoT World will debut in Shenzhen. As the industry’s leading location-based IoT solution provider, Jimi IoT is also invited to participate in this conference. Together with industry opinion leaders and outstanding corporate representatives, we will discuss how to promote the Internet of Things market development in the background of China’s IoT ecosystem.

Alex Dai, GM Overseas of Shenzhen Jimi IoT Co., Ltd. will attend the event as the representative and will deliver a speech of ” Vast Opportunity & Vast Risk — IoT Data Security “. Mr. Dai will carry out specific analysis from the perspective of the chip, cloud and service encryption, global IoT security laws and regulations, and deeply interpret how to use ABCD IoT (AI, blockchain, cloud technology, big data) and other emerging ICT technologies to rapidly promote the global billions connectivity in the future. Let’s look forward to the sparks of wisdom in the meeting!

The following is the specific agenda of IoT Word China:

2. Jimi IoT DMS video telematics solution will be launched in IoT-Smart Future 2019
Based on the industrial chain of the Internet of things, IoT-Smart Future 2019 is a professional exhibition focusing on solutions for application scenarios in various subdivided fields. With the latest smart car idea, Jimi will present our innovative DMS video telematics solution at 2E12-2, pavilion 2, Shenzhen convention and exhibition center, fully deliver the new connection and experience relied on location service, making your journey safer.

a. DMS video telematics solution
Jimi IoT provides a comprehensive, safe, and stable solution for the transportation industry. It is based on image feature analysis technology, which realizes driver identification, fatigue driving, dangerous driving behavior detection, and early warning functions, providing data support for optimizing enterprise management and supervision, bringing security for public travel. By creating a driver behavior analysis system, it can avoid driving accidents, improve fleet management, and enhance corporate safety management capabilities.

b. Jimi IoT booth details
Time: December 19-21, 2019
Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China
Booth number: 2E12-2

Crossover integration and in-depth discussions will accelerate the advancement of the global intelligent connection. Jimi IoT sincerely invites industry partners and customers to this conference and visit our booth. Let’s share our knowledge on the new direction of data and information security in this smart connect era together!

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