Smart Solutions for Two-Wheeler Management

Smart Solutions for Two-Wheeler Management


Since Uber, the world’s largest ride-hailing company, established a branch in South Africa in 2013, many local African start-ups have also joined in the business. Everyone was thinking about how to localize the business model of Uber and provide passengers with more convenient and affordable solutions for daily communiting in the city.


In many parts of Africa, the traffic is very thick, making the “ride-hailing motorbike services” a popular alternative. These on-call small-body motorbikes can drive through cities during rush hours. More importantly, the motorcycle-hailing services charge much less than that of Uber’s and Bolt’s online car services.



Many other competitors also joined in and was hoping to have a bite of this big cake. Grabbing the chance, our customer, Yego, expanded their business to Rwanda and soon swept the local market with its advantages in application and taximeter.


However, as traffic accidents of all types occur frequently, Yego realized the importance of “safety” and of cooperation with the Rwanda government to regulate the traditional ride-hailing service market and train drivers on traffic rules and road safety. To help Yego address the safety concern, We provided our IoT Smart Solution for Two-Wheeler Management. With Jimi GPS trackers, the real-time data of motorbikes will be uploaded to the cloud platform of Yego for analysis and visualization, so Yego and the government can have a better insight into riders’ on-road behavior and know if they need safety training. And with Live GPS, our customers can recover lost or stolen motorbikes at the earliest time. Our solution has made the management and monitoring of motorcycles easier for both Yego and the Rwanda government. The road of Rwanda has become safer with attentive and rule-abiding riders and the number of related accidents has greatly lowered.



Supporting 9-90V operating voltage, the WeTrack2 is suitable for a huge variety of vehicles, including e-bikes, e- cooters, motorcycles, and more. With functions such as remote fuel cut-off, geo-fence entry/exit, and over-speed warning, the WeTrack2 also provides crucial visibility into the status of the vehicle and the behavior of its driver. And it is equipped with a highly reliable electric circuit design and complies with electronics industry standards.


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