The Ultimate Guide to Install Motorcycle GPS Tracker from.

The Ultimate Guide to Install Motorcycle GPS Tracker from.


More and more people install motorcycle GPS tracker for anti-theft. Well… have you ever felt confused about wiring? Where is the suitable installation place? Is there any installation skill? Read this guide.

First, switch on.
Get started by assembling and setting up your device for its first use.
Remove the cover and insert the SIM card.


NOTE: SIM card should be equipped with GPRS and SMS functions.
Power on.



Close the SIM card cover and connect the device with the external power line which will be used to charge the terminal and built-in battery.


Second, pay attention to motorcycle GPS tracker installation place. You need to choose somewhere that it won’t be easily found, because the whole point of fitting covert GPS vehicle tracker is the secrecy element.
1. Your device has built-in GSM antenna and GPS antenna. During installation, please make sure the receiving side face is up and the horizontal tilt angle of the locator had better be kept within 15°; any high power devices such as reversing radar, anti-theft device or communication equipment would affect the signal of the device.
2. All metallic cases of the windshield will attenuate the signal on the tracking device. It’s simply due to the shielding effects of the metal compound of the case.
3. The device should be fixed into position with cable ties or wide double-side tape to prevent the tracking unit from falling off due to strong vibration.
4. Even marked waterproof can withstand splash but can not be soaked in water; If the tracking device is not waterproof, it should be wrapped in plastic bags before installation.
Installation please refers to below picture.

Third, wiring. General motorcycle GPS tracking device has power positive pole line, tie wire, electric door lock positive pole line. If you buy a tracker that also has the function of remotely fule/power off, there is also a turn-off line. Here’s the advice from experienced tracker installers: don’t connect all the cables in an obvious way to the motorcycle’s existing lines. The positive and negative electrodes of the device should not be directly connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the battery.

1. Since the recharging voltage can be much higher than the working voltage, for your safety, please use with vehicle battery voltage no more than 72V and relay remains 12V /24V. The red wire is the positive, the black wire is the negative.
2. Connect the black wire to ground.
3. Your device comes with a power cord and is designed to use only manufacturer-specified original device. The red line is positive while the black one is negative (the side should not be connected with ground wire).
4. The ACC line (orange) connects to ACC switch of the vehicle. Please be sure to connect the ACC line; otherwise, the device won’t enter ignition detection status when disconnecting the ACC line. If you don’t need to anti-theft temporarily, just connect the ACC line to the positive side in parallel.
5. Tele-cutoff (petrol/ electricity) control line (yellow) is connected to pin 86 of the Tele-cutoff (petrol/electricity) relay (equal to the yellow line of the relay socket).
If you still felt confused, please click this video for reference.

Fourth, after installation, check it again to see if you can easily find the tracker. It should be pointed out that improperly connecting the charging cable can cause serious damage to the device. Please be pretty caution about wiring.

At last, be sure to read the user manual carefully. it can give you clear directions on how to use, and the instructions for troubleshooting.

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