VG04Q AIS140 Approved GPS Tracker for Indian Market 100%

VG04Q AIS140 Approved GPS Tracker for Indian Market 100%


VG04Q has received the AIS 140 certification.


Back to 2018,
JimiIoT had its first AIS 140 compliant GPS tracker, Wetrack 140, which is prevailing in the current market. Recently JimiIoT’s device VG04Q, has also received the AIS 140 certification. It confirms that the device meets the requirements of Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). The AIS 140 set of standards serves to form the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), a system that allows control of the Indian public transport network. Accurate adherence to the norms of the standard will allow the development of networks for the control of public transport in cities.


Device Features


The VG04Q is one of the best AIS 140 compliant instruments. The device features advanced telematics, is able to determine the geoposition in real time with simultaneous support for IRNSS (NavIC). The main features of the device are:


· 4 digital, 2 analog and 1 serial communication channel (RS232);

· SOS panic button;

· Internal battery with a capacity of 450 mAh;

· 3 servers’ functionality;

· Embedded SIM card;

· High-power FOTA, which allows to update the firmware in a timely manner.


Scope of application


AIS 140 approved equipment has many advantages. It allows you to prevent traffic jams, better control the movement of vehicles and to reduce the impact on the environment. This allows it to be used in:


· State public transport and vehicles;

· Ambulances and other transport associated with emergency response services;

· Transport belonging to educational organizations;

· Rental cars and vehicles;


JIMI IoT is glad to provide vehicle tracking device that plays its part in standardization process. Today JimiIoT has full experience to work with update phases of states requirements, e-sim providers, carriers and distributors, finally to deliver more value to the market.