What is the Application Scenario of JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker?

What is the Application Scenario of JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker?


JM-LG01 is a long standby asset GPS tracker designed by Jimi IoT for vehicles rental and asset management. Chip-level anti-counterfeiting base station technology can effectively solve the industry problem of malicious search GPS tracker. The ultra-small size makes it easy to hide and install. JM-LG01 has a Mac address of multiple map systems, ensuring that the information database is comprehensive and indoor positioning is faster and more accurate. Power consumption is technically improved, realizing two-piece battery life equal to that of three pieces.

JM-LG01 is a wireless asset GPS tracker. It has a wide range of application scenarios, providing safe and secure location services for asset tracking, vehicle rental, auto finance, car mortgage, car insurance, and many other industries and enterprises.


1. The main application of this asset tracking device is the scene where power is difficult to get. Therefore, JM-LG01 uses a 3.0V high-power lithium-manganese battery as the built-in battery to supply electricity. It requires no external wiring and is equipped with a super magnetic cover, eliminating installation troubles for customers.

2. The application scenario is no need for frequent positionings, such as long-distance freight, car rental, ect where customers do not need to know the assets location information 24 hours a day. Uploading one location per day and adopting Beidou + GPS dual positioning technology can meet their tracking requirements. If you use the intelligent power-saving mode, you can use the battery for 2~3 years without replacing the battery or charging, making customers feel relieved.

3. The JM-LG01 asset GPS tracker works independently and doesn’t rely on the vehicle’s power supply. The product is small and lightweight, meeting the customer’s hidden installation scenarios requirements. The tracking unit can be placed in any position of the vehicle by means of strong magnetic power, it is difficult to find out except the owner of the vehicle. There are four positioning modes available. After the transmission position data ends, JM-LG01 would enter the sleep state immediately, that is, the intelligent power-saving mode. To a large extent, it can avoid the interference of the signal shielding device and the sensing of the signal detector, and it supports the anti-spyware base station and the light-sensing tampering function, reducing the risk of the equipment being removed, improving the security of property, and further strengthening the control and protection of assets.


4. Its application environment can also be complex, variable and even worse. The JM-LG01 asset GPS tracking device operates over a wide temperature range to withstand high temperature or extremely cold conditions and supports IPx5 waterproof. At the same time, considering the product may be unsupervised for a long time, so the JM-LG01 is designed with a hard shell and super-strong magnet mounting, ensuring its good earthquake resistance.

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